Human Clock, Minecraft in React and more

It’s Memon Mondays!

This newsletter is my experiment to save all the cool things I find during the week and share them with my like-minded friends.



Analog Terminal Bell
A physical USB bell that rings any time a bell character is displayed on the terminal. This is a cool DIY project. Here is the demo video:

Schiphol Clock
This clock at the international terminal of the Amsterdam airport is so cool. A man can be seen painting the time minute by minute. It’s is based on a 12-hour long video recording. The artist has made a few more similar clocks.



Spawn a Mac or Linux shell in a few minutes. Useful for Windows users who want to play with Mac terminal. This uses GitHub Actions (which has macOS option) and then connects you to it. Since GitHub actions is free, you will not be charged for this. Cool hack!

3D Minecraft in React
This is a Minecraft clone in React made using react-three-fiber. If you look at the code, it’s very minimal and cleanly divided in components. If you have ever developed a game, you probably know how messy things get which makes this method worth considering.

A cool pane library to quickly add fine-tuning options to your app and monitoring changing values.



The cursed IP range. Explanation:

Unless you are a Windows Media Player kind of person: *cringe*

As explained in a previous newletter:

Me coming from years of JavaScript:


That’s it friends! Be safe, keep safe distance, and wash your hands.
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