Deep Learning Recession, MS Paint IDE and more

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What Windows 95 Changed
Many, including me, were too young to remember this but back when Win95 was released, it was fabulous and Microsoft was the coolest company.

It was so cool that Chandler and Rachel even did an hour-long tutorial for it:
Most news websites now require subscription and have a “paywall” blocking their articles. NYT, WSJ, Medium, Telegraph etc. all have this. It’s ridiculous! This cool site lets you read them.

Thank you Saima for sharing this.



MS Paint IDE
This project gives MS Paint ability to highlight, compile, and execute code, with just a few clicks of a button, and only text coming from MS Paint. It is an IDE now, ridiculous but much better than many others (like Eclipse).

We're witnessing a deep learning recession
It looks like the ML/Deep Learning hype is over. Every company was hiring ML engineers like crazy, but it’s finally over. Companies have started to realize the fad, that they don’t need a “deep learning strategy”.

Here is data of public job postings on LinkedIn that mention a deep learning framework:



This is more of a warning than a tip for JavaScript developers: Do not use `Array.sort()` for sorting an array of integers. Weird? Let me demonstrate:

Notice how -7 is after -2. Why did that happen? Try it in your Dev Console.
It’s because the default sort method first converts elements to strings and then compares them.
Solution? Define your own comparator:

Such is JavaScript :)



Considering Amazon’s growing monopoly:

This one is more India/Pakistan specific:


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