Windows Explorer better than Finder, Online Whiteboard and more

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Windows Explorer Through the Years
Windows Explorer is probably the best file manager out there. Finder on macOS sucks in comparison (there, I said it). Finder (and macOS generally) is so bad that I might give Windows another try once WSL2 is perfect.

Here is a log of changes to Explorer over the years. Did you know? You can Shift-Right-Click a file/folder in Explorer to get the "advanced" context menu with some additional options(like Open CMD here)? I thought it was common knowledge but it isn’t.

Excalidraw Whiteboard
I was recently in search of a whiteboard solution and there are hundreds of them. Excalidraw is the coolest IMO. I like it because of how awesome it works on mobile, try it!

The project is also open source. The author is also co-creator of React Native.

"Time Management" by Randy Pausch
This video shares solid productive tips on managing your time. If you like this one, you will probably love his Last Lecture too.



If you like Puppeteer to control headless Chromium, check out Playwright by Microsoft. It allows you to automate Chromium, Firefox and WebKit with a single API.

Outline is an open, extensible, wiki for your team built using React and Node.js. It also has a hosted version at I like how well designed this is.

A Tiny, Static, Full-Text Search Engine using Rust and WebAssembly
This post describes developing a fast, client-side search engine for a static site. It’s an interesting usage of WebAssembly and is an example of how WebAssembly (and Rust) have huge potential for creating web apps. I have yet to explore this Rust but I hear good things about it!



Messi is a Dog
I am no football fan, but this video is so good! It’s inspiring for reasons hard to explain. See if you feel the same way?




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