Whatsapp in Terminal, UX for startups and more

Hey fam, it’s Memon Mondays!

My new experiment. A weekly email for my friends with things I found or learned that week about programming, memes, tech, Pakistan, and maybe even games. It’s very silly, but I will continue doing it!

This week’s newsletter is a collaboration with Naaman Saif.



A Whatsapp CLI client for terminal so you can pretend to be hacking in shell while asking janu ne khana kha lia? nai khaya? sudo khana kha lo!

Main Window

Quiet.js, a library for sending and receiving data between two devices via sound which is essentially imperceptible to the human ear.



This collection of case studies of how popular products onboard users and other UX decisions. There is also UserOnboarding.com on the same topic.



Have you heard of this code debugging folklore about how one customer couldn’t send email to other people only when they were farther than 500 miles. Crazy right? Here is a similar story about when a person’s car wouldn’t start only when they bought vanilla icecream.

Are you a React dev like me? React came up with a new concept of Hooks a while ago. This seems like a good resource to get started with those.



Have you played Last of Us by Naughty Dog? I only recently started this game with my brother and am about to finish it. I know it’s an old game but Part 2 is coming next year. It’s a post-apocalypse-infected-zombies kind of game with an amazing storyline. I had played the Uncharted series by the same creators and it was good too.

The Last of Us (Game) - Giant Bomb



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And that’s all for this week. Were the links any useful? You can share your feedback in the comments. Also inbox me if you got something cool to share please!

✌️~Asad and Naaman 👊