Toonify Yourself, Hacktoberfest woes and more

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Toonify Yourself
This is a cool application of GAN. Although my toonified version was mostly unrecognizable.

How to get promoted
An unethical guide to getting promoted. It’s kinda satire too. Many will see this as a manual but is it really the '“success” you are looking for?

How Normal am I?
A collection of AI algorithms that judge you.



Why most Hacktoberfest PRs are from India
Hacktoberfest is an annual event to promote open source. Newbies contribute PRs for the first time and get a t-shirt as a gift. This time though, some bad actors are ruining it with spam.

This article talks of the broader signaling issue that affects India (and Pakistan as well).



Have you used/studied SOAP? Ugh!


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