The Pasta King, Japanese Web Design, and more

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The Pasta King Trusted Us
It’s heartwarming to see such honor markets and that humans generally do good.

Why Japanese Web Design Is So… Different
This is an interesting article discussing many possible reasons for vastly different Japanese web design.

Beirut Port Explosion
This is an amazing open-source investigation of the recent Beirut Port Explosion. Watch the embedded video!


DEV Fully-modern text-based browser
This is a terminal based browser. It’s cool to look at but it can be most useful when you have low bandwidth, you can set this up on a cloud VM and browse the modern web from SSH.

Apple Silicon M1: A Developer's Perspective
Apple’s new M1 Macs are mind-blowing. This is a developers review on running various dev tools on the new ARM processor, in case you are looking to get one.




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