Self-censoring Font, Other Desi Newsletters and more

It’s Memon Mondays!

This newsletter is my experiment to save all the cool things I find during the week and share them with my like-minded friends.



Scunthorpe Sans
A self-censoring font. It’s a cool use of ligatures feature. The censoring is not perfect as it only works for a dozen or so words but it’s a cool concept. Speaking of ligatures, check this coding font. My favorite ligature font is this!

Some Interesting Desi Newsletters
I started Memon Mondays not to gain audience but to form a habit. As a lazy person who gets bored of stuff pretty quickly, developing some discipline helps. I can maybe morph this into writing more later.

Many friends have also started their own newsletters, please check them out and subscribe if any interest you:

Ejaad-Nama by Asif Nadeem is all about Science, Electronics and Makers.

Chapter One by Saima Tariq is about the stuff she reads and everything she learns.

Tech Geeks by Hira Saeed is all about (Pakistani) tech industry.

and lastly Techshaw Notes by Zahid Lilani covering Pakistan’s startup ecosystem. This one is actually what inspired me to start mine.



Rebuilding our tech stack for the new
FB recently rewrote their aging web front-end. They rebuilt the whole thing in React, took the component based approach even for CSS, and even lazy-loading modules only when needed. A good look at how one of the most complex websites is developed.

Lite – A small, fast text editor
In the world of JavaScript/Electron based editors Lite is a very small and very fast text editor. It’s a reminder of how fast our computers actually are and it’s just our inefficient coding methods that make everything slow.

Although inefficient; but easy development methods (like JavaScript), are still awesome as I think they reduce the barrier to entry and has created more developers. But that’s a discussion for another day.




That’s it friends! Be safe, stay home, and wash your hands.
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