Remembering Symbian, 90s web is coming back and more

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Symbian Won
If you are old enough, you likely had a Symbian phone at some point. Symbian was the perfect mobile OS that when paired with Nokia’s hardware was a solid offering. But it was unfriendly for developers to use. It had its own dialect of C++. If I remember, the SDK used Qt. It was simply hard to work with. Nokia also later decided to switch to a Linux-based OS. They also adapted Windows Phone OS which was a death sentence for them.

This article talks about how Symbian had permissions system right. As the newer releases of iOS and Android are converging towards that.

Nokia 6600 was bulky back then but looks tiny by today’s standards. Age of Phablets *sigh*

The Return of the 90s Web
Remember Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Geocities? The 90s web was awesome and the content was great. This was before SEO marketers ruined the web with dumb content. Creating content on web involved knowing some HTML and some knowledge about FTP and servers. This barrier to entry was great for keeping lazy content away from web.

The web was simpler and had less JavaScript. Today’s web is bulky and heavy on client-side (see the new Gmail).

Luckily, some elements from 90s web are making a comeback in new forms. We are moving back to Server-side rendered pages and the personal websites and blogs are making a comeback (would love your feedback on my own homepage wese). I am in favor of both of those things personally. What do you think?

Apple’s website from 1996. You think Jony Ive designed this? :D


This is a cool terminal service to quickly see the current weather of your area. Try it out:


You will likely want to alias it to a shorter command from your “~/.bashrc” or “~/.zshrc” file.

While you are trying this one, also try this command: curl

Software reuse is more like an organ transplant than snapping Lego blocks
We imagine reusing the existing code components as connecting the Lego blocks but in reality the integration is much messy and doesn’t always work.




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