Overly descriptive colors, macOS software on Linux and more

It’s Memon Mondays!

This newsletter is my experiment to share all the cool things I find during the week and share them with my like-minded friends.



Zotero — Personal Research Assistant.

Colors.lol — Overly descriptive color palettes.

AWS Groundstation — AWS launched a managed service to control and ingest data from satellites. This looked like an April Fools joke at first, but it looks like it’s real. So incase you have a problem with your in-house ground station, maybe try a managed one :D On serious note, Amazon is working on “Project Kuiper”, a satellite constellation to provide broadband. Groundstation looks like it’s related.

Screen — Screen sharing for remote work, by the cofounder of Screenhero.



UI Design Daily — 600+ open-source designs for Sketch, Figma, PS, etc. Looks pretty useful.

Darling — Run macOS software on Linux. Don’t get your hopes too high though, this project is still in progress but it’s essentially Wine but for running macOS software on Linux.



Have you played Monument Valley? The original version was beautifully designed and a great puzzle game! MV2 has been out for a while and is free on iOS right now! I am not sure for how long though so get it now. I have it downloaded and will play be playing soon.


That’s it friends! Have a great week. Be safe, make good choices, and wash your hands.

Also inbox me if you got something cool to share!