Old Internet, Markdown Reader in Terminal and more.

It’s Memon Mondays!

This newsletter is my experiment to save all the cool things I find during the week and share them with my like-minded friends.



Glow - Markdown Reader in Terminal
I am not sure how useful this is. But it’s beautiful! If you like TUIs, check this out.

Welcome to the Old Internet Again
This is a fun trip down memory lane. One of the buttons reminded me of NetMeetings! That was a cool software. Also, did your personal site (on geocities) have a guestbook and visit counter?

Vertex Moon
This website has some cool visualizations. I liked this one personally. But there is also Chaos Ink and Voxel Vortex.

When You Win a Nobel and They Can't Reach You at Home
Paul Milgrom won Nobel Prize but the committee couldn’t reach them on phone (because it was 2 AM). The fellow winners had to knock on his door in the middle of the night (see video). Weirdly, the committee needs to inform all winners immediately before making a public announcement in Sweden.




That’s it friends! Be safe, maintain safe distance, and wash your hands.
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