Magic with Candy, console.log and more

Hey friends, it’s Memon Mondays!

Memon Mondays is my new experiment. A weekly email for my friends with things I found or learned that week about programming, memes, tech, Pakistan, and games.



Magic tricks with Candy – Endlessly unique ambient music



Do you know the story about this one Swede man who lied to Nintendo and in the process not only helped Nintendo survive but built the business empire: Bergsala. Which is the only non-Nintendo owned Nintendo distributor in the world. Full story (or in video form).



Mastering JS console.log like a Pro

Legra: Draw using LEGO® like brick shapes on an HTML <canvas> element.

The history and legacy of jQuery



An old game, but have you played BroForce!? It’s a side-scrolling game like Contra but with ridiculous/funny violence. It’s most fun when played with a friend in multiplayer (has couch co-op mode). If you love couch multiplayers and loved Contra as a child, PLAY BROFORCE!

Review: Broforce


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