Linux on iOS, Busy light for WFH, and more

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“Busy” light connected with Calendar
This person put a “busy” or “on air” light outside their work room, connected it with their calendar so whenever they are on call the light is red. I think it’s a cool DIY idea for stopping people walking in while you are on a call.

My toothbrush streams gyroscope data
Nowadays, everything is “smart” and internet-connected. And to me, that’s a security nightmare. One can monitor every aspect of the house if they get access to all the sensors in the house (also see this research using Wifi signals). What’s frightening is that these devices are not secure most of the times and can easily be hacked into.

A WebGL experiment to create a procedural city that feels alive and is fun to watch.

Origami Simulator
This app allows you to simulate how any origami crease pattern will fold. It’s not a learning tool but more of a different perspective of origami. A paper torture simulator.

I came across this alternative video/audio editor. I think it looks so cool. The video is fun too.



iSH Shell
A project to get a Linux shell running on iOS, using usermode x86 emulation and syscall translation.
I have been following this project since its inception. The project is finally released on App Store. The project is really impressive. Give it a shot!



Great things start with these three files.

What were they thinking?

iT iS a PrOgRamMinG LaNguAgE, dOnT JuDgE — SJW newbs on twitter.


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