iPad is a computer, JavaScript is weird and more

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Working on iPad (As a Developer)
In continuation with my last newsletter’s theme, macOS has started to suck. But that’s not true for the iPad. There is definitely some truth to it being the replacement of our computer. It’s not the computer we know, but it is quickly replacing it. I think we should have viable developer tools soon.

I know some of my neckbeard subscribers will be cringing at this whole statement but the truth is the newer generation is not buying computers anymore and sales are generally in decline. iPad (and tablets) are becoming more generally available than a PC. In that case, iPad HAS to have developer tools and good IDEs so the next generation can program.

The article lists the experience of @rauchg, a developer (maker of socket.io, mongoose, etc) of using the iPad as a developer and the apps currently available.

P.S. It’s WWDC today (live right now), which means iOS 14 and other developer focused updates from Apple.

Stranger Things, JavaScript Edition
JavaScript is a weirdly cool language. It has many quirks, partly because it’s very flexible in it’s syntax. This page lists many of them and why those happen at all.



Theory of Whistling
I came across this interesting video explaining whistling and it’s techniques. I have never seen whistling explained in so much detail before. Side note: I don’t know how to do it yet…



Among Trees
This is a survival sandbox. I haven’t played this one yet but I will be getting this once I finish my current queue of games. The visuals are very interesting. I have been using the screenshots as my wallpaper for sometime. It kinda has a Firewatch vibe (it’s an awesome game btw). This game is in Early Access right now, which means it's still a work in progress.




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