iMessage on Android, Getting paid for deleting Facebook and more

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If you are an Android user and want those blue message bubbles. This app allows you use iMessage on Android by proxying iMessage through macOS. Hacky!

Getting paid not to use Facebook
How much would you need to be paid in exchange for deactivating your Facebook for a few weeks? This is Facebook’s own experiment seen in wild. I am guessing this helps them verify some churn/engagement metric (ie. level of addiction).

Winamp Skin Museum
This is an archive of Winamp skins. You can try them in the accompanied Webamp.



A framework to create interactive (mathematical) content for the web. Looks very cool!

Don't trust default timeouts
When using any http framework/library/server, we tend to just rely on default timeout settings without giving it much thought. This article explains why you should define your own timeout value for requests. I recently faced an issue where a long-running request was not working. Turns out the default timeout for http requests in Node.js is 120 seconds.



Do not try this prank please:

Scar is a global variable?

Await for it!


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