Hello World, Win98.js, Site reliability and more

Hey, it’s Monday which means it’s time for… Memon Mondays

My new experiment. A weekly email for my friends with things I found or learned that week about programming, memes, tech, Pakistan, and maybe even games. It’s very silly, I know.



Here are some of the interesting link from my bookmarks.

Windows 98 in browser. It's a fully emulated x86 PC….in JavaScript. A great demonstration of both how fast JS engines have become in the browser, and how much less efficient native software has become overall. Running on top of an x86 emulator in JavaScript, it's still faster to pop open a file browser and click around than it is on some modern laptops.

Charts in JavaScript, but hand-drawn!


It’s a JavaScript library for creating sketchy/hand-drawn styled charts. GitHub link. Also has a React wrapper.



East India Company grew to control almost half the world’s trade and become the most powerful corporation in history. At the time though, its chances of survival seemed grim. This article is an interesting backstory.



I suck at Regex, this is a helpful cheatsheet for common Regex use cases. There is also Regex101.com.

React Native is excellent for web teams that are creating a new mobile app. However user experience tends to suffer in most cases. See how Discord achieves native iOS performance with React Native.

Do you run any servers that suffer uptime/reliability issues? I personally had uptime problems recently with our product (CodeInterview.io). So how do you make sure that your servers are up all the time? Here is an excellent HN thread about this.



Have you tried the spread operator in JS? Let me show you some use cases:

Kesa dia?



Have you heard of Untitled Goose Game? You play in a nice little town as a sneaky goose, on a stealth mission to cause mayhem. It’s so much fun!



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That’s it folks! Were the links any useful? You can share your feedback in the comments. Also inbox me if you got something cool to share please!