Geo-guessing game, Annoying technology and more.

It’s Memon Mondays!

This newsletter is my experiment to save all the cool things I find during the week and share them with my like-minded friends.



A highly addictive game where you have to guess your location by looking around in Street View mode of Google maps.

Annoying Technology
This is a log of random annoyances in software we use.

“I no longer build software”
Building software pays well but is not a fulfilling career for many. Here is a funny comment on a random issue in the Docker repo. Here is a more detailed explanation by the author.

Purana Pakistan
This instagram page is a reminder of the long forgotten past of Pakistan. The world feels like a much darker place now or maybe that’s just nostalgia speaking. Regardless, this is a cool page to follow.



There is a new code editor in town. Nova is a mac-native code editor for web technologies. It will be hard to compete with VS Code, written in Electron but it does get a bit slow sometimes. A native code editor will obviously be much more performant (try opening a large text file in Sublime vs VSCode).

HTTP Toolkit
This is a collection of tools to work with HTTP requests including intercepting the requests.
Thanks Asif Nadeem for sharing this.



Safari is not as bad tbh:

I am too lazy to optimize them though:


That’s it friends! Be safe, keep safe distance, and wash your hands.
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