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Making a Googol:1 Reduction with Lego Gears [video]
I had a privilege of studying gears (I think for a robot thingy I made once) and it’s fascinating stuff. This video shows many different kinds of gears and how adding many of them reduces the output rotation to almost zero.

OpenAI's GPT-3 may be the biggest thing since bitcoin
There has been some hype around GPT-3, a text-generating model/algorithm. The generated text is very impressive. This article has a twist, you may want to read (or skim) till the end.

As for the hype, the generated text is very real-like but some are thinking if this passes the Turing test. I am not an expert but to me, it certainly does not. It’s a text-generator not general intelligence i.e. it does not know meaning of what it generates but it just tries to mimic humans, as they communicate on internet. That’s just my understanding of this whole thing.

Here is GPT-3, making a React app:



Things I Wish I’d Known About CSS
If you write CSS, this is a list of interesting and less known facts about some CSS features.

The Speed-up Loop
This is a funny dev story. Not sure how true this story is but that doesn’t matter, it will definitely seem familiar.




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