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Yo, it’s a Memon Monday again!

My new experiment. A weekly email for my friends with things I found or learned that week about programming, memes, tech, Pakistan, and maybe even games. It’s very silly, but I will do it!



Is you mind truly random? This little game proves that we are less random than the pseudo-random generated by computer. Scary stuff!

Want to learn music? This site is pretty fun, has the best interactive lessons.



This folklore talks about how 15 years ago Sun Microsystems had a crazy alien-future product similar to Google Stadia today and the whole computing-in-cloud/thin-client setup which is making a comeback. It’s a lesson about why it’s not enough to have the coolest p̵r̵o̵d̵u̵c̵t̵ tech-demo, but what people really want to use. I should probably link to one of PG’s essay here, make something people want!



This epic fiction on g̵i̵v̵i̵n̵g̵ cursing a technical interview. You won’t understand most of it (I didn’t) but it was still a fun read.

A JSX-based page builder for creating beautiful websites without writing code.

Are you bad at design? Which dev isn’t. Here are a few links to improve your design sense enough to be dangerous:



Have you played Overcooked 2? It’s a chaotic co-op cooking game. I know it’s not a new game but it was worth mentioning here. Also, it’s only fun when you play it with someone else so grab your friend/spouse/kid/brother and give it a shot.

Overcooked Level 2-2 2 Player Co-op 3 Stars - YouTube



Long ago, I was optimizing a hot-path in some game physics code which involved lots of Math.floor() and parseInt() operations. I came across a micro-optimization to cast float or string to int. Let me show you how:

Tight cheez hai nai?
But is it really faster than Math.floor() and parseInt()? I wrote about the pros and cons in detail here.



No photo description available.Wisdom of the Ancients



And that’s all for this week. Were the links any useful? You can share your feedback in the comments. Also inbox me if you got something cool to share please!