Copycat Cartoons, AI Doubts Human Intelligence and more

It’s Memon Mondays!

This week’s almost-tuesday edition is also very brief as the news has been somewhat slow. Here are a few interesting links from this week (⌐■_■).



The wonderful (and surprisingly legal) world of Disney mockbusters
Mockbusters are cheaply made copycats of popular Hollywood movies. It’s an interesting and very-gray-area market that thrives despite even copying freakin’ Disney!

On messing with Disney, have you seen that South Park episode about China and Disney? Check this scene out! (NSFW: Language!)

Are humans intelligent? An AI op-ed
An essay written by GPT-3 model about how it’s doubtful that what humans are doing with their messy biological processes can really be considered thinking. It’s hilarious!

How to return your Samurai sword correctly
I can’t explain why this video is interesting. It just is.



Dark mode with one-line CSS
This is a neat trick to quickly add dark-mode to your site. I like this lazy solution. I actually had discovered this many years back on my own and have been using this trick for years in our products: and and it works great!




That’s it friends! Be safe, stay home, and wash your hands.
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