🥼Building a Surgery Robot, 😵 SQL Murder Mystery and more

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I Built a Surgery Robot
This guy spent weeks making a DIY surgery robot. It’s absolutely hilarious but also very technical!

AI Jukebox
OpenAI released a machine learning framework that produces music in any style from scratch — complete with lyrics. The songs listed are all AI generated in the style of popular artists. Insane right?! Here is the official post with more details.

Are We Too Busy To Enjoy Life?
This article explores how (for some people) being busy is a defense mechanism. We are scared of idleness because stopping would mean having to really consider what we want out of life and what we currently have. Sometimes, the gap feels so wide, we’d rather stay on the hamster wheel.



Software Folklore
This is a collection of very weird code bugs and stories behind them. Like that 500-mile email bug that I shared many newsletters back. I really like reading stories behind famous software. This is another great website for that.

SQL Murder Mystery
A murder has taken place in ​SQL City, solve the case using SQL!
Once you are done solving this, here is another murder mystery from Terminal City, to be solved in Bash ;)




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