Brainstorming is bad, an awesome music toy, and more

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In current times, we need all the window views we can get. This website opens a random video feed of someone’s window. You can also submit a recording of your own window for others to enjoy.

21-year-old Mark Zuckerberg talking about Facebook in 2005 interview
This video of Zuck appeared in my feed. This video is when they had a few million users. It’s interesting to see how Facebook has grown. Here is another guest lecture to a CS50 class by him where he discusses technical challenges of Facebook at the time (2015).

Why Group Brainstorming Is a Waste of Time
This article argues that discussing ideas in a group (aka brainstorming) is particularly likely to generally harm productivity. In my experience, brainstorming doesn’t optimize for deep and highly creative thinking. It only optimizes for quantity of ideas, mostly dumb but some plausible. But that’s me, as I don't think well in groups. What do you think?

Rickroll Your Zoom Calls
Are your Zoom meetings getting boring? Copy the meeting link and paste it on this site, Rick will join your call and rickroll your feeble colleagues. Serves them right!

Type to improvise music. Online music toys as cool but the magic is when music-noobs like me can produce cool sounding music just by taping random keys. This one is amazing in that regard!
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When you `git commit`, do you write the commit message inline (like `git commit -m “message”)? or do you use an editor like vim. If you; like me, use the inline message option: it turns out that you can use the git’s -m option multiple times to create "multiline commits". Example:

I found it out thanks to this article.




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