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Rediscovering the Small Web
If you were an internet user in 90’s or early 00’s, you would remember web being a much cooler place than what it is today. Each website had its own personality, was quirky/casual/funny, and because most of them weren’t serious businesses, they could do cooler, bold stuff.

Most websites today are boring. Created by β€œprofessionals” and marketers with same flat-design or material design or bootstrap-ed, designed to convert visitors into users or to maximize SEO. But there exist websites designed by us regular people to share their interests and hobbies. This essay is all about that.

P.S. Although not exactly quirky, I recently did a redesign of my homepage. What do you think?

P.P.S. Here are some big brands and their websites from 90’s

Did you also visit nick.com and cartoonnetwork.com regularly as a kid?

SpaceX Crew Dragon Touchscreen UI Uses JavaScript and Chromium
SpaceX’s Crew Dragon launched two humans into orbit this week. First-ever launch carrying humans in a commercially built spacecraft, a significant milestone. Turns out the screens actually run Chromium and JavaScript for the Dragon 2 flight interface. So basically Electron. Yeah, chew on that JS haters!



Micro β€” Modern terminal-based text editor
I never really used any terminal-based editors (vim, emacs, nano) and am from the GUI generation. Micro is a modern editor that runs in terminal and is a very cool sublime-like alternative to outdated editors like vim and emacs (yes, I said that).

Rough Notation
A small JavaScript library to create and animate annotations on a web page. This should go well together with roughViz, library for creating sketchy/hand-drawn styled charts.




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