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SpaceX ISS Docking Simulation
An online simulator to fly a spaceship and specifically mount it to ISS. See if you can successfully dock without damaging anything. I couldn’t do it!

Doordash and Pizza Arbitrage
Doordash is a food delivery company in the US. I personally am a heavy user, but this story is about how all these gig economy startups play the loss-leader game and are essentially give away VC money for free in hope that they will be profitable when they have a monopoly. The same applies to Uber, Careem, etc. The unit economics never make sense for any of these companies. Enjoy it while it lasts my friend.

Patio11’s Law
Patrick McKenzie (famously known as patio11 on HN) always has insightful startup advice. For me, single best advice Patio11 has given is "you are not charging enough" / ”charge more”. We have successfully doubled our pricing at one point at RemoteInterview.io.

This article is about how the software economy is bigger than you think. There are software companies that never make it to TechCrunch and likes but are silently marching along in the background.

This Word Does Not Exist
The site generates believable words along with their meaning. These don’t actually exist and are AI-generated. What’s insane is the example usage sentence actually makes sense!

Btw, have you seen This Person Does Not Exist? The faces are generated by GAN, they are not real people. Crazy!



I have covered 98.css before, here is Windows XP design system for building web interfaces. Ditch that Bootstrap and use this!

Client did not pay? (Thanks to Sumair for sharing)
This hilarious script is for when the client is not paying. This adds opacity to the body tag and decrease it every day until their site completely “fades away”. I definitely wouldn’t suggest using it with real client.

This hilarious tongue-in-cheek post is about those “rewrite” posts by companies that describe why they rewrote their code in some overly complex cutting-edge tech. There is always some pretty weird non-convincing reason for the rewrite.




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