🎨 MSPaint in JS, πŸ“… Leap Day Bugs and more

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JSPaint β€” It’s insane how accurate this clone is. Similarly here is Photoshop in JS!

George Hotz: Fully Self-Driving Cars Are a 'Scam' and Silicon Valley 'Needs To Die' β€” GeoHot is the coolest hacker ever! If that name doesn’t ring a bell, GeoHot was the first person to jailbreak the iPhone. He also hacked PS3 (and got sued for it). He recently started an open-source autonomous driving company Comma.ai.



List of 2020 Leap Day Bugs

Ant Design β€” is the most exhaustive UI framework that exists. I can’t think of a UI component that is not already present in this library. They just released their v4.0.



How a 2 person startup already uses 28 other tools β€” This shows how a startup in today’s world is dependent on tools by other companies. I actually think startups, especially small ones should use as many tools as possible, as it is way cheaper than having to develop and maintain a similar thing in house. At CodeInterview, we also use many third-party tools to focus more on our core business.

How to brainstorm great business ideas



This game called Plague Inc. The aim of the game is to destroy the human race with a Plague that you genetically engineer. Yes…I know…


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